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Amit Gupta

Technology & Photography

About Amit

From an early age, Amit Gupta’s two passions have been technology and photography. One of Amit’s earliest programming projects focused on drawing a map of India which included all of the National Highways. After the project was completed, Amit was hooked, and he knew he wanted to study technology in college. Amit first started taking photos in the seventh grade with a camera that his father gave him. Over the years Amit taught himself more about photography by reading books and taking as many photos as possible. One of the best aspects of Amit’s current position is the amount of traveling he gets to do each year. Amit always makes sure to capture photographs of each trip so that he can share images of his journeys with friends and family.

Professional Overview

Amit has worked in the technology industry for more than twenty years. Over the course of his career, Amit has assisted numerous companies such as CNA, Nationwide, and Citigroup in their transformation journey using mostly Agile methodologies. Amit’s expertise lies in managing and delivering legacy transformation projects as well as leading large-scale legacy transformations to products from Guidewire and Pega (formerly Chordiant). Two of these were the fastest transformation projects of their time. In 2001, Amit applied his computer programming knowledge to a book he wrote titled Data Structures Through C.

The best aspect of working in technology is the collaborative nature of the work. Information Technology projects are often complex and require various skill sets. Amit Gupta is fortunate to have a very gifted team to work with. Each one of Amit’s teammates is a talented individual who helps make difficult work fun. Since Amit regularly leads teams he frequently interacts with clients. One of the most demanding challenges when dealing with clients is setting expectations. However, Amit’s years of experience and his skillful colleagues help make this feature of the work manageable.


When it comes to taking photos, Amit loves capturing landscape images. While mountains may be his favorite subject, he also enjoys taking photos of buildings and city skylines. A couple of years ago Amit uploaded one of his New York City skyline photos to the National Geographic website. Someone eventually purchased the photo—a testament to Amit’s talent and skill as a photographer. With every picture that Amit takes, his goal is to show people how beautiful the world is. In just 2017 Amit traveled to five countries and about fourteen cities. Amit looks forward to his future journeys and the opportunity to take even more photos to share with the world.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is something that Amit has always felt strongly about. Some of Amit’s favorite organizations include March of Dimes, Seva Foundation, the Denton County Indian Cultural Association (DCICA), and Flower Mound Hindu Temple. Amit regularly volunteers at the latter two organizations. In fact, he currently serves as the president of DCICA and is a member of the executive board. DCICA is the fastest growing Asian-Indian association in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The organization’s mission is to bring together the Indian community in the area so that members can celebrate their culture and pass it on to the next generation.

In the past, Amit has also served as the president of the Flower Mound Hindu Temple, an organization which he co-founded. Before the Flower Mound Hindu Temple was opened, the closest Hindu temple was located twenty miles away from the suburb of Flower Mound. Now the 500 families that live in the Flower Mound area have a temple that’s close to home.